Monday, June 14, 2010

The Blood On Satan's Claw

The Blood On Satan's Claw (released as Satan's Skin in the US) is a 1971 British horror film made by Tigon British Film Productions (Witchfinder General, The Creeping Flesh).

The film opens in 17th century England with Ralph Gower (Barry Andrews) uncovering a deformed skull with one eye and strange fur upon it while plowing a field. The local judge (Patrick Wymark) is asked to look at it, but the skull has vanished and the judge disregards Ralph's supernatural fears. However, later many people in the village become affected by this supernatural power, including a young woman who sprouts a claw and children who behave oddly after finding a strange claw and start to grow fur on their bodies.

The farmer who first found the skull rides to a neighboring town to find the local judge and bring him back to try and eradicate the evil. The judge does come back after having done some research in a book about witchcraft. After getting some information about a future cult gathering of the evil children in the village, the judge takes some men to the spot and they kill the satanic beast, whose remains had been dug up by the farmer at the start of the film, and who is responsible for the evil infecting the populace.

The Blood On Satan's Claw

Friday, June 4, 2010


Kid Dynamite - Demo 1998

Chances are you probably already know who this is and what it sounds like. Kid Dynamite were the epitome of the pop punk/melodic hardcore bands. Featuring Dr. Dan Yemin of Lifetime, this band went on to sign with Jade Tree Records and release 2 LPs, a few compilation songs, and a split with 88 Fingers Louie. They did a couple reunion shows as part of a benefit for the Syrentha J. Savio Endowment. Word has it that they're doing another reunion show, this time at This Is Hardcore fest in Philadelphia. Here is the bands demo from 1998.... enjoy.

Kid Dynamite - Demo 1998

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm back from Chaos In Tejas, and man what a trip it was. The whole thing seemed to blur together after a while, so instead of doing a short review for all the bands I saw I'll just pick the ones that stand out in my head. So, without further ado, here are the bands I saw and my take on the fest.

Mother of Mercy, Mind Eraser, Nerveskade (X2), Kyklooppien Sukupuuto, Talk Is Poison, Wasted Time (X2), Crow (X2), Mens Interest, No Tolerance, The Rival Mob (X2), Obliteration, Skapegoat (X2), Waste Management (X2), Hatred Surge, Acid Reflux, Vaaska, Kim Phuc, Marked Men (X2), Subhumans, Bloodbath & Beyond, Walls, Bastard, Night Siege, Axeman, Deskonocidos, La Urss, Viper, Artic Flowers, Shanghai River, Twin Stumps, Wild Thing, Volahn, Morpheme, Bone Awl (X2), Slang, Inquisition, Poison Idea, Mammoth Grinder, Endless Humiliation, Gehenna, Arizmenda, Ashdautas, Bastard Noise, Rorschach

Mother Of Mercy are a Philadelphia area hardcore band that recently signed to Bridge 9 Records; who describe them as "Contemporary metallic hardcore that draws some of the best elements of 90's 'core with a well executed tinge of metal. Their music is raw and dark - highly influenced by Samhain, Undertow, and Obituary"
. They had the tough spot of opening the whole fest on the outside stage of Emo's, and to be honest I was suprised by the reaction to them. Crusty kids and hardcores sharing the dance floor, & most people paying attention to them. Thats a hard thing to do especially when you're not the type of band that would normally play this type of fest. They played a good set, and I'm glad they got the chance to play for a crowd that wouldn't normally get to see them play.

The Rival Mob were one of the biggest surprises of the fest. I've been burnt out on "hawdcore" for a while now, but when I went to the N
ΓΌ Scene Shuffle afterparty on Thursday night I got a chance to see The Rival Mob. To put it short... they blew me away. I had every intention of skipping their set Friday night at Emo's so I could see Ashdautas over at Red 7, but they won me over and I watched them a second time. What I heard and saw going on around me both times reminded me of that scene in The Beat where the Iron Skulls are playing and the crowd is insane. I was living that out in real life.

Bone Awl are one of my favorite bands of the past decade. They play raw black metal that often times borders on punk. I got the chance to see 2 of their 3 sets during the fest, both inside at Emos. Their Saturday show was good and everybody seemed to like them, but their Sunday show was SO good. They play just about everything I wanted to hear, and the sound guy nailed it this time around.

I went to Red 7 to see Shanghai River and to my surprise I got a chance to see a few songs of Arctic Flowers' set as well. Both band were great,and I'm glad I left Emo's for a bit so I could check it out. Arctic Flowers play sort of UK anarcho punk, and are good at what they do. Shanghai River play gruff poppy punk that would fit right in with the No Idea crowd. Both bands were great and a welcome sight and sound after so many harsh bands.

Inquisition tied with Bastard for the second best set of the fest. They were both long awaited and flawless sets, and I didn't hear one person complain about either of them. Inquisition being the Colombian black metal band, not the punk one. They hailed the crowd and all the bands and thanked them for spreading the word of satan. While Bastard just raised their fists to the sky and screamed with the crowd. Both were equally awesome moments.

Bastard Noise however, delivered not only the best set of the fest... but possibly one of the top 5 best shows I've ever seen.
I fairly sure nobody minded when they went 14 mins over they set time. Wood,Connell and Nelson punished everyone until they decided to SERVE THE SKULL. I can't wait until they make it to Philadelphia.

La Urrs were described to me as "Dead Kennedys played with upstrokes", and I think that sums them up pretty good. The singer had a similar quirky voice and even had the contortion dance to boot. To be honest, they were awesome and I enjoyed watching most of their set but I left because I had already missed Viper once, and I really wanted to see them. I'm glad I did as they did not disappoint with their raw black metal played by dudes in other Boston area hardcore bands and fronted by a longhair with a bullet belt.

Endless Humiliation are a two man noise band that played a great set inside at Emos on Sunday. They have a drummer and a guy with a contact mic that he puts between metal and pounds on it. I'm sure it sounds boring or whatever, but really it was really awesome. Check it out if you get the chance.

Welp, thats it for now. Hopefully I'll stop being lazy and I'll transcribe some of these interviews I have and get them online soon.
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