Thursday, July 22, 2010

Excruciating Terror

Excruciating Terror were one of those bands that alot of people considered a grind band, but I always saw as powerviolence due to the bands I saw them with. Looking back, they're totally grind, but lets put labels aside and get down to the bottom line... they pretty much ruled.

They formed in 1988 including guitarist Dino Cazeres who later joined Fear Factory, Brujeria, & Nailbomb (among others). Excruciating Terror was Cazares' first band. They released the Vision Of Terror Demo in 1991, and then released the Legacy Of Hate EP on Torched Records later on in 1991. After hearing about them playing a bunch around Southern California, I finally got a chance to see them during the summer of 1995 with Dystopia and Wellington.

In 1996 Pessimiser & Theologian coreleased their first LP Expression Of Pain. Shortly after that came out I saw them again at 924 Gilman with Man Is The Bastard, No Less, Agents Of Satan, & Noothgrush. A recording of their set at that show was made into a 7" called Live At Gilman, and released in 1997 by 625 Productions. Also in ealry 1997 Pessimiser & Theologian coreleased the Excruciating Terror / Agathocles spilt 7". Pessimer was busy this year, and put out yet another LP for them in 1997 called Divided We Fall.

In 1998 then Gilman booker, Jake (from The Evil Eye) booked one of the funnier shows I saw that year with Excruciating Terror, Hoods, Benumb, Bad Acid Trip, and a sorely out of place Atom & His Package. Jake claims its one of the best show he ever set up, and while I'm in no position to judge such things, I can say that it was memorable and I did have fun. Excruciating Terror were also included on some comps along the way. Cry Now Cry Later #2 & 3 (Pessimer), Fiesta Comes Alive LP & Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh - A Music War 7" (then later the bootlegged Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh - The CD) (Slap A Ham), Reality 7" & Reality #2 LP (Deep SIx) all of which I'll be putting up on this blog sooner or later minus Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh - The CD because FUCK BOOTLEGGERS.

Members have gone on to other bands Bloody Phoenix, Endless Demise

"I've been hearing about the rumors going around that we are going to reunite etc. Just want to put an end to the rumors right here, right now. ET is dead, there will be no reunion, no reformation. Ghost" Jerry Flores 9-13-07

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

State Of The Blog Address

So its been a bit. I wanted you all to know that this blog isn't dead. I think about it every day, I've just been busy. At this point I've been unemployed for 16 months, and I've been busy looking for a job, or doing odd jobs to supplement my unemployment payments (which don't cover my living expenses). Ideally I'd like to post once or more a day, but thats just not going to happen... so instead of saying one thing and then getting half assed posts or worse no posts at all. I'd like to just put it out there... I'll update when I have the proper time to do so. I hope that you'd keep checking back. I do appreciate everyone that takes the time to read. So until next time I'll leave you with some things to fill some time.

Attn Philly people. The awesome Philly band Pet Milk are playing a show with the equally awesome Weed Hounds from New York. You can find more info HERE.

I've posted it before, but BUBBLE SPINNER is one of my favorite games as of late (maybe ever?).

Yo Deep Six what's up with the Manpig record? I mean if it's not going to come out, that's cool. Just tell us.

Was this beyond the Bay Area? Who knows... anyway any of you remember Charlie & Humphrey?

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Blood On Satan's Claw

The Blood On Satan's Claw (released as Satan's Skin in the US) is a 1971 British horror film made by Tigon British Film Productions (Witchfinder General, The Creeping Flesh).

The film opens in 17th century England with Ralph Gower (Barry Andrews) uncovering a deformed skull with one eye and strange fur upon it while plowing a field. The local judge (Patrick Wymark) is asked to look at it, but the skull has vanished and the judge disregards Ralph's supernatural fears. However, later many people in the village become affected by this supernatural power, including a young woman who sprouts a claw and children who behave oddly after finding a strange claw and start to grow fur on their bodies.

The farmer who first found the skull rides to a neighboring town to find the local judge and bring him back to try and eradicate the evil. The judge does come back after having done some research in a book about witchcraft. After getting some information about a future cult gathering of the evil children in the village, the judge takes some men to the spot and they kill the satanic beast, whose remains had been dug up by the farmer at the start of the film, and who is responsible for the evil infecting the populace.

The Blood On Satan's Claw

Friday, June 4, 2010


Kid Dynamite - Demo 1998

Chances are you probably already know who this is and what it sounds like. Kid Dynamite were the epitome of the pop punk/melodic hardcore bands. Featuring Dr. Dan Yemin of Lifetime, this band went on to sign with Jade Tree Records and release 2 LPs, a few compilation songs, and a split with 88 Fingers Louie. They did a couple reunion shows as part of a benefit for the Syrentha J. Savio Endowment. Word has it that they're doing another reunion show, this time at This Is Hardcore fest in Philadelphia. Here is the bands demo from 1998.... enjoy.

Kid Dynamite - Demo 1998

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm back from Chaos In Tejas, and man what a trip it was. The whole thing seemed to blur together after a while, so instead of doing a short review for all the bands I saw I'll just pick the ones that stand out in my head. So, without further ado, here are the bands I saw and my take on the fest.

Mother of Mercy, Mind Eraser, Nerveskade (X2), Kyklooppien Sukupuuto, Talk Is Poison, Wasted Time (X2), Crow (X2), Mens Interest, No Tolerance, The Rival Mob (X2), Obliteration, Skapegoat (X2), Waste Management (X2), Hatred Surge, Acid Reflux, Vaaska, Kim Phuc, Marked Men (X2), Subhumans, Bloodbath & Beyond, Walls, Bastard, Night Siege, Axeman, Deskonocidos, La Urss, Viper, Artic Flowers, Shanghai River, Twin Stumps, Wild Thing, Volahn, Morpheme, Bone Awl (X2), Slang, Inquisition, Poison Idea, Mammoth Grinder, Endless Humiliation, Gehenna, Arizmenda, Ashdautas, Bastard Noise, Rorschach

Mother Of Mercy are a Philadelphia area hardcore band that recently signed to Bridge 9 Records; who describe them as "Contemporary metallic hardcore that draws some of the best elements of 90's 'core with a well executed tinge of metal. Their music is raw and dark - highly influenced by Samhain, Undertow, and Obituary"
. They had the tough spot of opening the whole fest on the outside stage of Emo's, and to be honest I was suprised by the reaction to them. Crusty kids and hardcores sharing the dance floor, & most people paying attention to them. Thats a hard thing to do especially when you're not the type of band that would normally play this type of fest. They played a good set, and I'm glad they got the chance to play for a crowd that wouldn't normally get to see them play.

The Rival Mob were one of the biggest surprises of the fest. I've been burnt out on "hawdcore" for a while now, but when I went to the N
ü Scene Shuffle afterparty on Thursday night I got a chance to see The Rival Mob. To put it short... they blew me away. I had every intention of skipping their set Friday night at Emo's so I could see Ashdautas over at Red 7, but they won me over and I watched them a second time. What I heard and saw going on around me both times reminded me of that scene in The Beat where the Iron Skulls are playing and the crowd is insane. I was living that out in real life.

Bone Awl are one of my favorite bands of the past decade. They play raw black metal that often times borders on punk. I got the chance to see 2 of their 3 sets during the fest, both inside at Emos. Their Saturday show was good and everybody seemed to like them, but their Sunday show was SO good. They play just about everything I wanted to hear, and the sound guy nailed it this time around.

I went to Red 7 to see Shanghai River and to my surprise I got a chance to see a few songs of Arctic Flowers' set as well. Both band were great,and I'm glad I left Emo's for a bit so I could check it out. Arctic Flowers play sort of UK anarcho punk, and are good at what they do. Shanghai River play gruff poppy punk that would fit right in with the No Idea crowd. Both bands were great and a welcome sight and sound after so many harsh bands.

Inquisition tied with Bastard for the second best set of the fest. They were both long awaited and flawless sets, and I didn't hear one person complain about either of them. Inquisition being the Colombian black metal band, not the punk one. They hailed the crowd and all the bands and thanked them for spreading the word of satan. While Bastard just raised their fists to the sky and screamed with the crowd. Both were equally awesome moments.

Bastard Noise however, delivered not only the best set of the fest... but possibly one of the top 5 best shows I've ever seen.
I fairly sure nobody minded when they went 14 mins over they set time. Wood,Connell and Nelson punished everyone until they decided to SERVE THE SKULL. I can't wait until they make it to Philadelphia.

La Urrs were described to me as "Dead Kennedys played with upstrokes", and I think that sums them up pretty good. The singer had a similar quirky voice and even had the contortion dance to boot. To be honest, they were awesome and I enjoyed watching most of their set but I left because I had already missed Viper once, and I really wanted to see them. I'm glad I did as they did not disappoint with their raw black metal played by dudes in other Boston area hardcore bands and fronted by a longhair with a bullet belt.

Endless Humiliation are a two man noise band that played a great set inside at Emos on Sunday. They have a drummer and a guy with a contact mic that he puts between metal and pounds on it. I'm sure it sounds boring or whatever, but really it was really awesome. Check it out if you get the chance.

Welp, thats it for now. Hopefully I'll stop being lazy and I'll transcribe some of these interviews I have and get them online soon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Six Weeks

So its been 6 weeks since my last post. So in honor of that and the fact that Capitalist Casualties is coming to the East Coast, I present to you some great albums put out by Six Weeks Records. You should check them out, and obviously if you see something you like here, buy it as well. Support DIY bands/labels.

Speaking of Capitalist Casualties here is a video of them at Hazmat in Oakland, Ca.

Capitalist Casualties Live at the Hazmat

Capitalist Casualties | MySpace Music Videos

Also speaking of their tour. Record Collectors should know that there are only 100 of the Capitalist Casulaties/Lack Of Interest split tour version, so if you see it... get it.

Jake from the blog The Evil Eye just wrote a piece about his old band, The Young & The Useless. Their album was put out in 2001 by Six Weeks. Check out what he has to say.

In 2004 Six Weeks joined forces with local punk zine Urban Guerrilla to present the finest the Bay Area has to offer in hardcore punk rock. They called it Disturbing The Peace. Containing art by Tony Easly & Marcus Da Anarchist; and featuring BLOWN TO BITS, BORN/DEAD, BRAINOIL, CASE OF EMERGENCY, DEADFALL, DOPPELGANGER, DYSTROPHY, FUNERAL SHOCK, IRON LUNG, SCURVY DOGS, S.T.F.U. & VOETSEK and more!

Short Fast & Loud #23 should be out soon including a copy of the previously mentioned Capitalist Casualties/Lack Of Interest split. Not to sound like a fan boy or anything, but this is possibly the most anticipated release this year for me. I love both band so much...

Thats all I got for now, but stay tuned for the first of many interviews to come later this week.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dead End

Dead Nation - Dead End

In late 1999 I received a package from a friend that quite possibly will never be topped. Let me back up a second and give you some back story. By 1999 I had been been at a low point in my life. I didn't have a job, my girlfriend cheated on me and we broke up, most of my friends hung out with her more... to put it short I was depressed, pissed off, and hateful. So anyway here comes this package. Inside was a letter, a couple zines, a Memorex tape that had *D E A D E N D* written in sharpie across the face of it, and a few patches stickers and buttons. I read the letter and one of the zines right away, but I remember not getting to the rest of it for a while. A few weeks later I grabbed my walkman and the tape and headed out for a bike ride. What I heard was exactly how I was feeling. The music, the lyrics, the vocals, everything about it was perfect. I listened to that tape well over ten times that day. I just couldn't get enough. Dead Nation were a frustrated, pissed off U.S. hardcore band, and in my opinion the best hardcore band of the late 90's. I'm not ashamed to say that I destroyed my bedroom several times while listening to this tape. I suggest you do the same at some point. Most people will know this band as the precursor to Tear It Up, but in my opinion it should be seen the other way around. Tear It Up were an extension of Dead Nation... one of my favorite bands.

Dead Nation - Dead End

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weed Hounds

Weed Hounds - Demo

Last Saturday I woke up with a text that read "check out w33d hounds". I had never heard that name before nor did I know anything about them. I searched around the internet and found it, and honestly I haven't listened to anything since. Just Weed Hounds for days.

I was expecting some stoner rock band or maybe a "wierd punk" band, but what came out of the speakers blew me away. My first thought was poppy shoegaze. Like if Dinosaur Jr and My Bloody Valentine started joined a super band. Needless to say I looked into them after the first song. They have a split 7" with Dude Japan out on Rok Lok.

Weed Hounds - Demo

Monday, March 22, 2010


Dangerhouse Records Label Discography

Dangerhouse Records started in 1978 and ended shortly after in 1980. Although short lived, Dangerhouse has been said to be the best punk label ever. While someone could argue otherwise, you can't deny that it is one of he great ones. Their roster includes: The Avengers, The Bags, The Dils, The Weirdos, X, and a bunch more.

Break My Face has the most complete website dedicated to the label. If this interests you at all I suggest you make sure to check that out.

Dangerhouse Records Label Discography

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hey yall. I didn't forget about the blog, I've just been busy lately. Figured I'd post a link to some zines, and some more zines.

Check back for more updates very soon.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Echoes From The Past

Protector - Echoes From The Past...

Protector are a thrash metal band from Germany. The band started in 1986 putting out their first demo (Protector Of Death), and kept going strong into the 00's. Despite speculation it is said the band never actually split-up during the 1990s. Marco Pappe apparently kept the group alive, albeit with an extremely unstable lineup, which led to scarce live performances and no recordings. Protector were still "active" until at least 2003. Echoes From The Past includes that first demo, the Misanthropy EP, & the Golem LP equaling 18 tracks of some of the best German thrash I've found.

Protector - Echoes From The Past...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hardcore Jollies

Funkadelic - Hardcore Jollies

They said it best on this album... "If you got funk, you got style". Go on wit yo bad self!

Funkadelic - Hardcore Jollies

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Vordr - III

Vordr play black metal influenced by the bastardization of punk, and thrash metal. Similar to other current bands Bone Awl and Malveillance (among others), but different enough for me to pay attention. I've really enjoyed everything Vordr has put out so far, which is a hard thing to do these days.

Vordr - III

Monday, February 22, 2010


Scattered Thoughts has made it to 100 posts! Thanks to everyone for taking time to check out this blog. As always if you see anything here that you like please try to buy it, go to a show or otherwise help support the artist. Theres alot to do so without further delay, here we go.....

For the 100th post, I've decided to post a whole bunch of stuff that I feel are worth at least checking out. Hopefully this will serve as a better look at the types of things to come from this blog in the near future.

001. Artist A Day is a cool site that features a new artist/art piece every day. They have an igoogle option if you use that.
002. I like to read some of the more odd articles on Wikipedia. This one is about Toynbee Tiles, which can be seen in many cities across the globe, including a bunch in Philadelphia.
003. Cloud Archive is from the Bay Area in California and play an amalgam of ambient drones, post rock, electronic soundscapes and alot more. My brother also happens to be the driving force behind the band. Maybe I am biased, but Cloud Archive has been in constant rotation since the first time I heard them.
004. Mary Anne Kluth is a San Francisco based artist and my soon to be sister in law. Again, maybe I'm biased but I love the art work. Regardless of the relation, I'd still follow her work, and I think that you should too.
005. Erode And Disappear is the awesome new side project of Kevin and Justin of Northern Liberties. Similar in sound, E&D have more intensity in the sound. Joy Division meets 90's Touch & Go would be a good starting point sound-wise. I got to see them this past weekend, and simply put I was blown away.
006. I've been playing Bubble Spinner for about a year now. Its still not getting old. I love this game.
007. I've been listening to audio books lately while working or walking around town. Here is some classic reading, A Tale Of Two Cities.
008. This month's Juxtapoz has an awesome article on Gentle Giant Studios.
009. Acts Of Sedition are an Oakland, Ca hardcore punk band. They've been compared to everyone from Tragedy and Dystopia (don't hear it) to Caustic Christ or Neurosis.
010. Speaking of Acts Of Sedition, they've put together an awesome guide to the East Bay.
011. Gimme Something Better was a good read, but I love reading the extra stuff on this site.
012. Slime City is a great splatter horror film. Here is a trailer.
013. Maximum RockNRoll Has been going strong since 1982.
014. Snakepit is another zine that I love reading. Ben, the guy behind it also has an awesome podcast. Check it out.
015. Spiderghost Pressgang is the zine & record label run by Sammy Winston. You know that name from bands All Bets Off, Ramparts, & more recently Gracy Alley. Sammy started the label to focus on local talent, putting out records for heavyweights Trash Talk, Sabertooth Zombie, Lifelong Tragedy, among others; and zines for Ross Farrar (Ceremony), Tyler Densley (Lewd Acts), & Winston himself + more.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Illiteracy Will Prevail

Fecal Matter - Illiteracy Will Prevail
Fecal Matter was a short-lived band from Aberdeen, Wa that formed in late 1985. Started by friends Kurt Cobain, Dale Crover, & Greg Hokanson after Cobain's audition for the Melvins was unsuccessful. Hokanson left shortly after and the duo recruited Buzz Osborne and Mike Dillard to the fold. This demo was their only recorded output.

Fecal Matter - Illiteracy Will Prevail

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The House That Dripped Blood

The House That Dripped Blood is a 1970 horror anthology of four tales directed by Peter Duffell. Starring Christopher Lee, & Peter Cushing among others and carries the tagline "TERROR waits for you in every room in The House That Dripped Blood."

The House That Dripped Blood

Seafaring Pyramids

Fungi Girls - Seafaring Pyramids
Fungi Girls come from Cleburne, Texas. I'm not sure where that is, but I know that when they play music it deserves to be noticed. Simply put Fungi Girls play a sort of shoegaze mixed with surf and garage rock. Theres other elements that come into play, but you have the idea. This record is the only thing I've heard from them, but I'll definitely be looking for the rest of their output.

Fungi Girls - Seafaring Pyramids


Thought this was funny.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chaos In Tejas Lineups

Both 4 & 5 day passes for Emo's are sold out. Get your tickets fast if you're planning on going.
5/27: Thursday at Red 7 ($16) (all ages) (buy tickets
X (Australia) 1:00-1:45
the Spits 12:05-12:45
Ty Segall 11:20-11:50
Grass Widow 10:35-11:05
Wild Thing 9:50-10:20
Bad Sports 9:05-9:35

5/27: Thursday at Emo's (outside) ($18) (all ages) (buy tickets)
Crow (japan) 12:15-1:00
Talk is Poison 11:30-12:00
Wasted Time 10:50-11:15
Kyklooppein Sukupuutto (Finland) 10:05-10:35
Nerveskade 9:30-9:50
Mind Eraser 8:45-9:15
Mother Of Mercy 8:00-8:30

5/27: Thursday after party at the Broken Neck (2:30am-4am) ($5) (all ages) (4701 red bluff)
Kyklooppein Sukupuutto (Finland)
Arctic Flowers (ex deathreat/signal lost/the observers)
the Altars

5/28: Friday at the Mohawk ($12) (all ages) (buy tickets)
the Ponys 11:00-12:00
A-Frames 10:00-10:40
Jeff the Brotherhood 9:15-9:45
Woven Bones 8:30-9:00

5/28: Friday at Emo's (outside) ($25) (all ages) buy tickets)
Bastard ( time reunion) 1:00-1:45
Subhumans (england) 12:00-12:45
the Marked Men 11:00-11:45
Walls 10:15-10:45
Rival Mob 9:30-10:00
Kim Phuc 8:45-9:15
Vaaska 8:00-8:30

5/28: Friday at Beerland (21+)
Toxic Holocaust 12:15-1:00
Ashdautas 11:30-12:00
Axeman 10:45-11:15
Iron Age 10:00-10:30

5/28: Friday after party at the broken neck (4701 red bluff)
World Burns to Death
Slang (Japan)

5/29: Saturday morning breakfast show 10am at Thunderbird Coffee (2200 manor road)
Iron Lung

5/29: Saturday day show at Trailer Space (FREE)
Ghost Knife-6:30-7:00
Jeff Burke from the Marked Men's new band-5:45-6:15
Mind Spiders (members of the Marked Men)-5:00-5:30
Teenage Cool Kids-4:15-4:45

5/29: Saturday at Emo's (outside) ($20) (all ages) (buy tickets)
Poison Idea 1:00-1:45
the Pist 12:00-12:45
Slang (japan) 11:15-11:45
Masshysteri (sweden) 10:30-11:00
Morpheme 9:50-10:15
La Urss (spain) 9:05-9:35
Deskonocidos 8:20-8:50

5/29: Saturday at Emo's (inside) ($15) (all ages) (buy tickets)
Inquisition (columbia) 12:15-1:00
Bone Awl 11:30-12:00
Volahn 10:45-11:15
Twin Stumps 10:10-10:30
Viper 9:30-9:55

5/29: Saturday at Red 7 ($12) (all ages) (buy tickets)
Leatherface 12:10-12:55
Dead to Me 11:15-11:55
Lion Of Judah 10:30-11:00
Ninja Gun 9:45-10:15
Shanghai River 9:00-9:30

5/29: Saturday at the Mohawk (outside) ($12) (all ages) (buy tickets)
Quintron and Miss Pussycat 10:45-12:00
Box Elders 10:00-10:30
Psychedelic Horseshit 9:15-9:45
Ratas Del Vaticano(mexico) 8:30-9:00

5/30: Sunday at Emo's (outside) ($20) (all ages) (buy tickets)
Rorschach 12:05-12:50
Bastard Noise (Wood,Connell and Nelson) 11:10-11:50
Morne 10:10-10:50
Gehenna 9:20-10:50
Yellow Tears 8:45-9:05
Mammoth Grinder 8:00-8:30

5/30: Sunday at Beerland ($10) (21+)
*special guest* 1:00-1:45
Toys that Kill 12:15-12:45
Young Offenders 11:30-12:00
Wild Thing 10:45-11:15
the Hex Dispensers 10:00-10:30

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bryan Ray Turcotte

Bryan Ray Turcotte is best known for the book Fucked Up And Photocopied. He has more recently put out the book Punk Is Dead Punk Is Everything. Punk Is Dead exposes the lasting impact of Punk on visual culture worldwide. Hundreds of flyers, photos, set lists, vintage fashions and other ephemera from all of your favorite bands are jammed into this menacing volume. Here are some excerpts from the book.

Make sure to check out the Bryan Ray Turcotte art show during Chaos in Tejas.

Human Meat...Tossed To The Dogs Of War.

World Burns To Death - Human Meat...Tossed To The Dogs Of War
I believe this is the first proper release (after their demo) from Austin, Tx own World Burns To Death. If you have not heard them yet, WBTD play a brand of hardcore punk influenced by both Japanese hardcore and Scandi D Beat punk. This 7" along with The Sucking Of The Missile Cock LP are 2 must haves.
World Burns To Death - Human Meat...Tossed To The Dogs Of War

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Don't Cry

Yellow Tears - Don't Cry

Yellow Tears play noise/power electronics and put this record out in 2009 on the Hospital Productions imprint. Musically speaking there is alot of drone mixed with power electronics on this 12".

Yellow Tears - Don't Cry

Grass Widow

Grass Widow - S/T

Grass Widow are 3 ladies from San Francisco that play lo fi garagey surf rock. Like a band on Slumberland doing a surf song. Whatever they're doing works for them, and I can't wait to see them at Chaos In Tejas.

Grass Widow - S/T

Monday, February 8, 2010

Heavy Days

Jeff The Brotherhood - Heavy Days
Jeff The Brotherhood are like garage rock for coked out hipsters... and thats all I'll say about that.

Jeff The Brotherhood - Heavy Days

Var Del Av Stan

Masshysteri - Var Del Av Stan

This is the first LP for Swedish punks Masshysteri, put out by Feral Ward. It sound like if The Avengers covered X (L.A.). That is to say heavily influenced by Dangerhouse records and the 1980s Los Angeles scene.

Masshysteri - Var Del Av Stan

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Untold Wait

Morne - Untold Wait
Another band from Boston, but this time they play metallic crust. I guess most if not all of you already know who they are. Featuring members of Filth Of Mankind, Disrupt, & Grief. This is their latest offering brought to you by Feral Ward. Its actually a re-recorded version of their demo + 1 new song.

Morne - Untold Wait

Get Your Mind Right

Waste Management - Get Your Mind Right

Debut EP from this newish Boston band featuring members of other current Boston bands. 10 short blasts of raw, stripped down, early 80's inspired hardcore bringing to mind early Agnostic Front, SSDecontrol or Cause For Alarm.

Waste Management - Get Your Mind Right


Wasted Time - Futility
Wasted Time play fast and ugly American 80's styled hardcore. Like if Poison Idea was from Boston. The 10 tracks on Futility are the best to date for Wasted time. This LP rages hard.

Wasted Time - Futility

Condensed Humanity

Talk Is Poison - Condensed Humanity
Talk Is Poison were a 90's hardcore punk band that played a style of hardcore that was not unlike Citizens Arrest. I remember the first time I saw this band. They played at 924 Gilman, and I remember being absolutely floored. I've been hooked since. This is an LP put out last year by Prank that is a collection of is all the 7"s remastered.
Talk Is Poison - Condensed Humanity

Raw Life

The Rival Mob - Raw Life
NYHC styled hardcore played by dudes that live in Boston. Its almost like they tried to mix Breakdown with Bad Brains. Sometimes heavy, sometimes fast.

The Rival Mob - Raw Life

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Volahn - Dimensiónes Del Trance Kósmico
Volahn are a black metal band from southern california. They take influences from early Dodheimsgard and Blut Aus Nord, Les Legiones Noires, Ulver, Xibalba, as well as Ashdautas and the other Black Twilight related projects from Long Beach area in California. A soild record that stands out as one of the best of recent times.
Volahn - Dimensiónes Del Trance Kósmico

So I Must Take From The Earth And Make It My Own

Bone Awl - So I Must Take From The Earth And Make It My Own

Raw punk influenced black metal from Northern California. All you really need to know right there. If you haven't heard of this band you must be living in a cave. I posted one of their tapes Not For Our Feet last year. You should check that out as well.

Bone Awl - So I Must Take From The Earth And Make It My Own


Walls - S/T
Featuring members of Cold Sweat, Iron Lung, Society Of Friends, ect; Walls play angry lurching hardcore. Like Rorschach mixed with Cherubs or something. This is their follow up to 2007"s self released 7".

Walls - S/T

Cold Storage

Iron Lung - Cold Storage
Cold Storage is a compilation of past Iron Lung releases. Included are the Life.Iron Lung.Death LP, splits with Teen Cthulhu, Brainoil, Lana Dagales, BG, & Quattro Stagioni, the Demonstrations in Pressure and Volume 7" and 2 compilation LPs. This is a good starting record for someone that hasn't heard them yet, or would like a condensed release.

Iron Lung - Cold Storage

Upon The Gravehill

Gehenna - Upon The Gravehill

Gehenna plays chaotic metallic hardcore not unlike Catharsis, or Unruh. There have been rumors circling this band for a long time, but really who cares about all that. The music is whats important, and Gehenna deliver.

Gehenna - Upon The Gravehill

Link removed at request of the label. You can buy it HERE.

Hell On Earth

Toxic Holocaust - Hell On Earth
The cover art was the first ting I noticed, and was done by Ed Repka. The second thing I noticed was that thrash metal is back. First you had Municipal Waste break through and now Toxic Holocaust is ready to do the same with their signing to Relapse. Hell On Earth is 11 songs of punk influenced thrash metal with song titles like Metallic Crucifixion, & Never Stop The Massacre.

Toxic Holocaust - Hell On Earth

Friday, February 5, 2010

Winston Smith

Winston Smith was made famous to punks all over the world as the guy that did art for Dead Kennedys. His name is a reference to the character of the same name in George Orwell's novel 1984. Smith left the U.S. in 1969 to study art in Italy and, struck by the profound social changes that had occurred during his absence from the U.S., adopted the name after returning to America in 1976. Smith is particularly known for his collaborations with Jello Biafra and Alternative Tentacles, for whom he has done numerous covers, inserts, advertisements, flyers, and logos. He is responsible for the famous Alternative Tentacles logo as well as the well-known Dead Kennedys logo and six of their record covers. One of his compositions, God Told Me To Skin You Alive, was used as the cover of Green Day's album Insomniac.

Cuban Ballerina

Dead To Me - Cuban Ballerina

Dead To Me features ex members of One Man Army, Western Addiction, & Swinging Utters. They play socially conscious punk rock that blends Jawbreaker and Stiff Little Fingers.

Dead To Me - Cuban Ballerina

Who Let The Dogs Out

Psychedelic Horseshit - Who Let The Dogs Out EP
This is the long sold out first 7" from Columbus, Oh shitwave band Psychedelic Horseshit. Fuzzed out, noisy, poppy. What more needs to be said?

Psychedelic Horseshit - Who Let The Dogs Out EP

Introducing Brilliant Colors

Brilliant Colors - Introducing

Awesome noise pop from San Francisco. They've been compared to Vivian Girls, but I think its selling them short to leave it at that. The song writing is solid under the blissful guitars and dreamy melodies. I've been listening to this lately, and now I can't wait to see them live.

Brilliant Colors - Introducing

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Slang - The Immortal Sins
Slang are from Sapporo, Japan & have been playing hardcore for over 20 years! This is their fourth LP, and it was released in 2008. D-beat mayhem with metallic influences, bringing to mind bands like Discharge, Nightmare and Disclose.

Slang - The Immortal Sins

This name is hard to pronounce

Kyklooppien Sukupuutto - S/T
Grounded in traditional Finnish hardcore punk, Kyklooppien Sukupuutto add something to it that I can't put my finger on. It sounds fresh and revitalizing while still harsh and ready to tear some heads off. This is one of the bands I really excited to see at Chaos In Tejas.... I can't wait!

Kyklooppien Sukupuutto - S/T

Monday, February 1, 2010


Ty Segall - Lemons

Garage rock is pretty much the only thing I can think of to describe this. Some bands lean towards the punk side of things (Jay Reatard, ect) but this is pretty straight forward Garage Rock that I'm enjoying more with each listen.

Ty Segall - Lemons

Black Forest

A Frames - Black Forest

A Frames play noisy, aggressive post punk. Like if you crossed Joy Division with The Melvins.

A Frames - Black Forest

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ponys

The Ponys - Turn The Lights Out

Turn The Lights Out is the third album from The Ponys, put out by Matador Records. It sounds like if Spiritualized did a collaboration with a indie garage band. Wierd description, but it turns out good, I swear.

The Ponys - Turn The Lights Out

Swamp Tech

Quintron and Miss Pussycat - Swamp Tech

Quintron is a one man band and Miss Pussycat is a puppeteer/hand percussionist/singer. Together they make music for dance parties that hipsters and punks would go to. Take that however you want.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat - Swamp Tech

A few things

I'll be posting a few more things later today, but for now I wanted to just mention a few things.

1. I'm about 120 pages into reading Burning Fight: The 90's Hardcore Revolution In Ethics, Politics, Spirit, And Sound, and I must admit that I'm enjoying it. Its good to see it not only covers the NYCH styled hardcore, but has interviews with people like Adrienne Droogas, Martin Sorrondeguy, Scott Beiben, Mike Kirsch, ect. Seems pretty well rounded. We'll see what I think once I'm done.

2. ATTN: Philadelphia. There is a benefit show for Nick Poot tonight (Jan 29th 2010). For info on the show check out If you can't make the show, but would like to donate to help pay some medical bills you can paypal money to nickpootbenefit at

3. Don't forget to leave a comment if you download something, find a broken link, or have a request. I'll do my best to get back to you as fast as I can.

The Spits

The Spits - S/T (Wheelchair LP)

Good and straightforward punk rock n roll. I like this band live better than their records, but if I had to listen to one it would probably be this.

Link removed by request
The Marked Men - Fix My Brain

Awesome poppy punk from this Texas band. Featuring members of The Potential Johns, The Reds, and more notably The Riverboat Gamblers. This is their third album, and my favorite of theirs.

The Marked Men - Fix My Brain


Leatherface - Mush

Jack Rabid, music critic and publisher of the music magazine Big Takeover, once listed Leatherface's 1991 release Mush as one of the fifty greatest punk albums of all time. If thats not reason enough to download this, then I don't know what is.

Leatherface - Mush

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Throne Is Melting

Man Is The Bastard: Bastard Noise - Throne Is Melting

Released in 2001 on John Wiese's label Helicopter . Throne Is Melting collects recordings made at different times with various lineups between August 1999 and October 2000. Its varied sound palette (from doom ambient to all-out harsh noise assault), track lengths (from two to 20 minutes), and origins (studio, live, mail collaboration) make it an excellent choice

Throne Is Melting
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