Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dead End

Dead Nation - Dead End

In late 1999 I received a package from a friend that quite possibly will never be topped. Let me back up a second and give you some back story. By 1999 I had been been at a low point in my life. I didn't have a job, my girlfriend cheated on me and we broke up, most of my friends hung out with her more... to put it short I was depressed, pissed off, and hateful. So anyway here comes this package. Inside was a letter, a couple zines, a Memorex tape that had *D E A D E N D* written in sharpie across the face of it, and a few patches stickers and buttons. I read the letter and one of the zines right away, but I remember not getting to the rest of it for a while. A few weeks later I grabbed my walkman and the tape and headed out for a bike ride. What I heard was exactly how I was feeling. The music, the lyrics, the vocals, everything about it was perfect. I listened to that tape well over ten times that day. I just couldn't get enough. Dead Nation were a frustrated, pissed off U.S. hardcore band, and in my opinion the best hardcore band of the late 90's. I'm not ashamed to say that I destroyed my bedroom several times while listening to this tape. I suggest you do the same at some point. Most people will know this band as the precursor to Tear It Up, but in my opinion it should be seen the other way around. Tear It Up were an extension of Dead Nation... one of my favorite bands.

Dead Nation - Dead End

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weed Hounds

Weed Hounds - Demo

Last Saturday I woke up with a text that read "check out w33d hounds". I had never heard that name before nor did I know anything about them. I searched around the internet and found it, and honestly I haven't listened to anything since. Just Weed Hounds for days.

I was expecting some stoner rock band or maybe a "wierd punk" band, but what came out of the speakers blew me away. My first thought was poppy shoegaze. Like if Dinosaur Jr and My Bloody Valentine started joined a super band. Needless to say I looked into them after the first song. They have a split 7" with Dude Japan out on Rok Lok.

Weed Hounds - Demo

Monday, March 22, 2010


Dangerhouse Records Label Discography

Dangerhouse Records started in 1978 and ended shortly after in 1980. Although short lived, Dangerhouse has been said to be the best punk label ever. While someone could argue otherwise, you can't deny that it is one of he great ones. Their roster includes: The Avengers, The Bags, The Dils, The Weirdos, X, and a bunch more.

Break My Face has the most complete website dedicated to the label. If this interests you at all I suggest you make sure to check that out.

Dangerhouse Records Label Discography

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hey yall. I didn't forget about the blog, I've just been busy lately. Figured I'd post a link to some zines, and some more zines.

Check back for more updates very soon.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Echoes From The Past

Protector - Echoes From The Past...

Protector are a thrash metal band from Germany. The band started in 1986 putting out their first demo (Protector Of Death), and kept going strong into the 00's. Despite speculation it is said the band never actually split-up during the 1990s. Marco Pappe apparently kept the group alive, albeit with an extremely unstable lineup, which led to scarce live performances and no recordings. Protector were still "active" until at least 2003. Echoes From The Past includes that first demo, the Misanthropy EP, & the Golem LP equaling 18 tracks of some of the best German thrash I've found.

Protector - Echoes From The Past...
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