Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some record came out in 2013

Everyone and their mother is making top records of the year lists. I made a list this year (just like every other time I've done this) of albums I think people should hear. Some of them you'll find on alot of lists and some you'll have never heard of. Check them out because you love music not because they gained hype online. So without further ado here are 10 records that came out in 2013 that you should check out:

Backslider - Consequences 10"
Six Weeks Records put this monster 10" out and it doesn't disappoint. Backslider use these 7 songs to show you that they're not just another "all go no slow" type powerviolence band by adding depth and length to their songwriting. You can hear a wide range of influences from hard rock to noise rock to metal. Backslider has again shown why they belong among the top of the pack with bands like Lack Of Interest, etc.

Bad Doctors - Reanimate EP & Spit It Out b/w Twilight Of The Idols
These guys have been playing around Philadelphia for a while now, and are finally getting some recognition. Most people will describe them as "that band that sounds like Devo", but I think thats doing them nd yourself  disservice. There is alot more to their music than that taking influences from The Smiths, Joy Division, The GoGos, and more. To paraphrase, someone once said that the great thing about Bad Doctors is that their song could start out as a pop punk song but end in electronic bilps and bleeps. "They create a space for your mind to wander, while keeping you grounded by the thumping beat."
Contact the BAND directly or try FDH Records

Culo - My Life Sucks And I Could Care Less
Culo have put out the best record of the year. That really says it all. You'll find this record on a bunch of top lists this year. A solid punk record all around delving into new wave and hardcore at times. This record is an instant classic. If you like hardcore punk you should already own this, dummy.

Femacoffin - Demo 2013
I came across this band while looking for the Dead Pressure demo. Femacoffin has members of Stormcrow and Sanctum both of which I really liked so I decided to check this out. For fans of Bolt Thrower, Deviated Instinct, Warmaster, etc.
BUY on their bandcamp below

Hivelords - Cavern Apothecary
This band kind of snuck up on me. Actually I guess more accuratly is I never really gave this band a chance. I've been aware of Hivelords for about 2 years now. I've been to shows they've played, and have even booked them and still I couldn't tell you what they really sound like other than saying doomy black sludge metal. Anthropic Records put out their LP in July, and this is their media description of the band. "Hivelords are blackened psychedelic sludge from Philadelphia. Experiencing Hivelords is much like watching an 111 year old tree getting uprooted from the earth. A windstorm of punishing riffs. Your heart pounding to ritualistic drums, and a vocalist, standing upon his alter, conjuring spirits to rip and tear the roots from your lifeless and monotonous existence." After reading this and the fact that they were getting ready to go on tour with my buddies' band Sadgiqacea, I checked it out. I listened to it a few times then put it away. What made it end up on my list is the fact that I kept pulling it off the shelf and going back to listen again. Songs ebbing and flowing in my brain, getting stuck in there. Humming parts over and over again. They are not just a band, they're a force to be reckoned with. Hivelords have written a great record that deserves every metal fan's attention.
BUY HERE or on their bandcamp below

Magic Circle - S/T
I became aware of this through Armageddon Records. A Black Sabbath esque doom band played by members of Rival Mob, Boston Strangler, Mind Eraser, Righteous Jams, Doomriders, and more..... I'm in! It was either going to be laughable or awesome. I'm happy to say its is indeed pretty awesome. I couldn't find a website or anything for the band, but I did find several Youtube videos. Here is thier LP.

Nervosas - S/T
I think it was Razorcake that said Nervosas were "Like if Wipers, X, and Dead Moon were somehow one band". Thats a pretty good description actually. Part punk, part death rock, part post punk this band will appeal to people into a bunch of genres.

No Statik - Unity And Fragmentation
This record came out late in the year, but quickly made a spot on my list. I was already a fan and was looking forward to their next record. If you're into hardcore punk, and don't know who No Statik is by now you must be living under a rock. Members of blah blah blah, this band deserves to stand on its own merits, and proves they can with their live show. Don't be a blockhead.... make sure you check this band out.
BUY HERE or on the bandcamp below

Primitive Hearts - High & Tight
Primitive Hearts come from Oakland, Ca. I am also orginally from Oakland and asked my friends about this band. Alot of them had heard of the band but never heard them. I was curious when Philadelphia label FDH (who I've become a pretty big fan of) put this out. I checked it out and fell in love pretty much immediately. Their bandcamp description is "punk garage garage punk powerpop rock'n'roll Oakland" so you get the idea. The song Fallig Apart has made its way on every mixtape I've made this year.

Sadgiqacea - Flase Prisim
Sadgiqacea has been kicking around Philadelphia for a while now. I'm not really sure on how to describe them, but I've heard people call them "psychedelic orchestra metal", "like Neurosis on speed", and "prog sludge". I'm not sure any of them are totally accurate, but what i do know is that they make beautiful soundscapes. On a couple occasions they've moved me to tears. They're both beautiful and crushing.

Honorable Mentions include:
Callous - Fucking Useless
Dead Pressure - Dead Side Story Vol 1
Reivers/Whitehorse split
The Wizar'd - Ancient Tome Of Arcane Knowledge

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