Thursday, July 22, 2010

Excruciating Terror

Excruciating Terror were one of those bands that alot of people considered a grind band, but I always saw as powerviolence due to the bands I saw them with. Looking back, they're totally grind, but lets put labels aside and get down to the bottom line... they pretty much ruled.

They formed in 1988 including guitarist Dino Cazeres who later joined Fear Factory, Brujeria, & Nailbomb (among others). Excruciating Terror was Cazares' first band. They released the Vision Of Terror Demo in 1991, and then released the Legacy Of Hate EP on Torched Records later on in 1991. After hearing about them playing a bunch around Southern California, I finally got a chance to see them during the summer of 1995 with Dystopia and Wellington.

In 1996 Pessimiser & Theologian coreleased their first LP Expression Of Pain. Shortly after that came out I saw them again at 924 Gilman with Man Is The Bastard, No Less, Agents Of Satan, & Noothgrush. A recording of their set at that show was made into a 7" called Live At Gilman, and released in 1997 by 625 Productions. Also in ealry 1997 Pessimiser & Theologian coreleased the Excruciating Terror / Agathocles spilt 7". Pessimer was busy this year, and put out yet another LP for them in 1997 called Divided We Fall.

In 1998 then Gilman booker, Jake (from The Evil Eye) booked one of the funnier shows I saw that year with Excruciating Terror, Hoods, Benumb, Bad Acid Trip, and a sorely out of place Atom & His Package. Jake claims its one of the best show he ever set up, and while I'm in no position to judge such things, I can say that it was memorable and I did have fun. Excruciating Terror were also included on some comps along the way. Cry Now Cry Later #2 & 3 (Pessimer), Fiesta Comes Alive LP & Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh - A Music War 7" (then later the bootlegged Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh - The CD) (Slap A Ham), Reality 7" & Reality #2 LP (Deep SIx) all of which I'll be putting up on this blog sooner or later minus Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh - The CD because FUCK BOOTLEGGERS.

Members have gone on to other bands Bloody Phoenix, Endless Demise

"I've been hearing about the rumors going around that we are going to reunite etc. Just want to put an end to the rumors right here, right now. ET is dead, there will be no reunion, no reformation. Ghost" Jerry Flores 9-13-07

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

State Of The Blog Address

So its been a bit. I wanted you all to know that this blog isn't dead. I think about it every day, I've just been busy. At this point I've been unemployed for 16 months, and I've been busy looking for a job, or doing odd jobs to supplement my unemployment payments (which don't cover my living expenses). Ideally I'd like to post once or more a day, but thats just not going to happen... so instead of saying one thing and then getting half assed posts or worse no posts at all. I'd like to just put it out there... I'll update when I have the proper time to do so. I hope that you'd keep checking back. I do appreciate everyone that takes the time to read. So until next time I'll leave you with some things to fill some time.

Attn Philly people. The awesome Philly band Pet Milk are playing a show with the equally awesome Weed Hounds from New York. You can find more info HERE.

I've posted it before, but BUBBLE SPINNER is one of my favorite games as of late (maybe ever?).

Yo Deep Six what's up with the Manpig record? I mean if it's not going to come out, that's cool. Just tell us.

Was this beyond the Bay Area? Who knows... anyway any of you remember Charlie & Humphrey?
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