Saturday, August 22, 2009

Born To Mack

Too $hort - Born To Mack

This is the King of Oakland. This is the King of Oakland's hit record Born To Mack. Featuring such gems as: Mack Attack, and Freaky Tales. This record is in my must have list.

Too $hort - Born To Mack

Sunday, August 16, 2009

History of...

Zero Boys - History of...
I don't know much about this tape other than it rules, and it has alot of songs that alot of people haven't really heard. So enjoy...

Drive In
Black Network News
Splish Splash
I Need Energy
Johnny Better
Dingy Bars Suck
Seen That Movie Before
High Places
Bloods Good
Human Body
Moms Wallet
Down The Drain
Outta Style
You Can Touch Me
Trying Harder
I’m Bored

Zero Boys - History Of...
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